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蒼海の世紀 -王子と乙女と海援隊- 第4巻
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Title : 蒼海の世紀 -王子と乙女と海援隊- 第01-04巻 [Soukai no Seiki – Ouji to Otome to Kaientai vol 01-04]
Associated Names
[野上武志×鈴木貴昭] 蒼海の世紀 -王子と乙女と海援隊-
蒼海の世紀 -王子と乙女と海援隊-
Soukai no Seiki
Soukai no Seiki -Ouji to Otome to Kaientai-
In another timeline in history, one where Sakamoto Ryoma was not assassinated in 1867, Ryoma successfully overthrows the government and creates the Naval Support Division. Two years ago, Rinoie Narumi, a young boy, met Saitani, a beautiful naval captain who immediately captured his heart. It is now 1914 and Narumi has enlisted in the Japan Naval Academy and is stationed on the Mikasa, a ship that is now being used for training students. He finally gets reunited with Saitani and decides to stay on Mikasa instead of continuing with the Naval Academy.
Ecchi Harem Historical Shounen
NOGAMI Takeshi
SUZUKI Takaaki


Soukai Seiki Kaientai – 465.5 MB

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